Scarlet Guardian Harness.



The climbing specialists at Notch embarked on a mission to craft the most user-friendly harness available, resulting in the creation of the Notch Sentinel Red Saddle. Engineered to meet the demands of modern climbers, the Sentinel ensures safety, efficiency, and comfort at elevated heights. Its design features lightweight contoured mesh padding for breathability, fast and secure thumb friction buckles, and a high level of customization.

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The Notch Sentinel Red Saddle was developed with a singular objective: to create the most user-friendly harness available. Notch meticulously considered aspects such as comfort, fit, adjustability, customization, weight, and more during the Sentinel’s design process, resulting in a saddle that stands out as the pinnacle of ergonomic excellence in the market.

This harness offers climbers a range of options, from adjusting rope bridge length to determining the placement of a chainsaw lanyard. The leg loops, waist belt, and bridge paw position are all highly adjustable, featuring easy-to-use buckles for seamless customization.

Featuring contoured mesh padding on the back and legs, the Sentinel ensures outstanding breathability and comfort. The elastic waistband keeps the saddle securely positioned on your waist. Crafted from high-quality materials that balance strength without bulkiness, this harness is exceptionally lightweight.

Precision-engineered by Notch Equipment, the Sentinel encompasses all the essential features a modern climber requires for safety, efficiency, and comfort when working at heights.

Key Features:

  • Super lightweight design
  • Thumb-release friction-style buckles
  • Enhanced leg strap adjustment
  • Custom Notch rope bridge manufactured by Edelrid with forged 25kN floating ring
  • Four dedicated accessory carabiner loops
  • Eight accessory loops
  • Custom positioning of chainsaw lanyard connection
  • Lightweight aluminum D rings and anchor plates
  • Dual adjustable straps to accommodate a first-aid kit or alternative storage
  • Ergonomic, contoured mesh back and leg padding
  • Contrast stitching in high wear areas
  • Weight limit: 308 lbs
BSNTLW-1 (Size 1)BSNTLW-2 (Size 2)
WAIST28” – 36”36” – 44”
LEG23” – 35”25” – 37”
WEIGHT4.1 lbs4.2 lbs
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